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Coach Dale Brown Reccomendations

Coach Dale Brown Reccomendations

Friday, 29 May 2009 01:44 administrator
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Electrifying is the way I would describe Dale Brown’s magnificent speech I attended, he had the sizeable crowd to the edge of their seats. Having been employed by four of the top Fortune 500 companies in my fifty years in business,I’ve heard many motivational speakers, but none as riveting as his style and delivery.
-John L. Pavlish


Dale Brown’s presentation at the National Intergovernmental Audit Forum Conference in New Orleans was the best motivational speech that I have ever heard. The fact that he received a standing ovation from a group of governmental auditors—who can be a tough sell—was an outstanding tribute to the message he delivered.
-Charles L. Culkin, Exec. Director Advancing Government Accountability


Dale’s presentation was inspiring, informative, entertaining and motivating. He kept everyone’s attention, he had them laughing, and touched their hearts. The response from participants reinforces our own observations. We’re hearing words like ‘best ever,’ and ‘great,’ and ‘right on,’ and ‘when can we have him back.’ Simply, he was a hit.
-Dennis W. Stostad, State Farm Insurance Companies


Everyone was just ecstatic about Dale Brown’s presentation to us in Hawaii. It is one of the finest hours I can remember at any convention I have attended. One of the measures of a speaker that I always use is how well they relate to the group—not from the stage, but on a one-on-one small group basis, before and after the official presentation. Dale passed that test with flying colors! People like to “rub shoulders” with the celebrity, and he was there for them whenever they wanted. Finally, a key element of hiring speakers is the planning state—the speaker and planner discussing the group and the company, philosophies and problems, likes and dislikes. He was one of the best I’ve dealt with as he took the time to visit and get to know me and my group.
-David J. Boyd, Ass’t V.P. Agency Sales Promotion, Physicians Mutual Insurance Company


Dale Brown is one of the most fabulous motivational speakers I have ever heard. Not only does he speak about motivation, he lives it every day.
-Bob Richards


Coach Brown spoke at the Naval Academy while I was the Superintendent (President) there, as part of our Forrestal Lectures for our students (called "Midshipmen").  This is our premier lecture series, of which we typically do no more than 4 a year - and the entire student body was in attendance.  Coach Brown's speech about the "The Four Major Hurdles of Life" resonated strongly with our students, and was one of the best received speeches during my time at the Academy.  And that's saying something, given that his competition included President Clinton, Vice President Chaney, and Sheryl Sandberg.  The feedback I received was very positive, with many Midshipmen commenting on the Coach's ability to connect with the younger generation.  It was a privilege having him on campus, and sharing his thoughts on Leadership, Perseverance, and Integrity, metaphors we can all apply in our daily lives. 
-Vice Admiral Michael Miller, United States Naval Academy 


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Contact Information

For more information on booking Dale Brown as a speaker or ordering his books, CDs or DVDs call or e-mail Linda Pourciau at:

Dale Brown Enterprises

Telephone – (225) 387-2233

Email – pourciaul@bellsouth.net
Website – www.coachdalebrown.com

He will tailor his speech to meet the specific needs of any group:
Coach Dale Brown